“Do You See What I See?”

About ten years ago I recall a minister’s Christmas party we had in New England where we were encouraged to share humorous or touching Christmas experiences. The funniest experience and one that many of my male friends can identify with happened this way:

A fellow pastor shared that one year he was leading a Christmas Eve Service.  It was a  solemn part of the service and he was singing, “Do you see what I see?” in his powerful and very earnest baritone voice.  As he was singing he tried to make eye contact with the people but noticed many of them with their heads down and others were trying to cover their uncontrollable smiles.  Some were actually laughing out loud in a quiet sort of way. What was possibly so funny about this serious song during a time of worship?  Inside his heart he was a bit miffed by their disrespect.

After he took his seat in the pew he quickly realized that he had failed to properly close (zip up) up a particular item on his trousers. The question he repeated often throughout the song “Do you see what I see?” seemed to bring recurrent attention to the all too visible problem!


3 responses to ““Do You See What I See?”

  1. he-he…I’ve had many moments of which I call “humbling experiences” 🙂

  2. Now, That’s funny! Why are we amused at other’s embarassing moments? It takes humility to be able to laugh at oneself.

  3. Here’s a crazy story for you:

    Recently several family members pulled off for a coffee at Canada’s favorite watering hole, Tim Hortons. Actually we didn’t stop we went through the famous Drive Thru.

    We paused to give the attendant our order and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Nobody was coming on the intercom to take our order.

    One of us, and I won’t reveal which one, began to murmur and complain. “They are awfully slow here. I’ve had trouble here before. There’s nobody else in line. What’s the problem?” I added that I had experienced a few “slow” attendants at this particular Tims.

    The driver (it wasn’t me…or Carol, I might add) was getting exasperated when I observed and realized, much to our chagrin, that we had stopped at the menu board, not the speaker where you place your order. We were “barking up the wrong tree” so to speak. We drove ahead a few feet, placed our order and we were on our way in moments. Great service…and quick!

    How often do we park ourselves at God’s menu board, where all His blessings and gifts are listed. Instead of moving ahead and thanking Him for what He has given us, we linger and wait, expecting more. Need a fresh infusion of grace, mercy or power? Go to the source of “every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Christ”. Speak to the Father, don’t linger at the blessing board.

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