Nasal Strips


Nasal Strips

 For most of my adult life I have dealt with allergies and nasal congestion. When I get a cold I tend to get all blocked up and can’t breathe through my nose. Several years ago I tried the nasal strips and found they helped me breathe better at night.  Nasal strips are similar to a band-aid but when placed on the exterior of the nose they open the nasal passage up to relieve congestion. These nasal strips are now seen on many football players and other athletes, presumably to help them as they physically exert themselves as the are able to breathe easier.
This got me pondering as to whether there might be spiritual uses for the nasal strips in church and other ministry settings and I came up with these suggestions.

  • Perhaps they would be helpful for the preacher and give greater liberty and power in preaching.  Some may even determine the use of the nasal strip leads to a greater anointing. 
  • Musicians may use the strips and the church’s music ministry would improve.  Perhaps purchase color-coordinated ones to  match the choir robes. 
  • Encourage those who tend to fall asleep in church to use the strips, particularly those that are prone to snoring, especially the double snort type.
  • Include the nasal strip in the visitor’s packet. People may very well appreciate it more than the customary pen that is so often given.  Due to volume buying you may be able to purchase the strips with your church name on them and this will remind your guests that your church really does care.  
  • Encourage using the strips as a witnessing aid using the WWJD theme. Why hide your faith on a sissified bracelet under your sleeve when you can boldly proclaim it right on your nose!  
  • For a more humorous use, in very small letters, proclaim on the strip, “In case of rapture this nose will disappear.” 
  • Those of us with larger noses may actually have ones with Scripture verses on them upside down so that we can read them through the day and as an aid to memorizing Scripture.

 I am confident that other uses will be devised for the nasal strip.

Smile: “A joyful heart does good like medicine!”


One response to “Nasal Strips

  1. Honestly, I have just taken some time out of a busy day to read your “stories”. Thanks for the laughter your creative mind through the written word evoked from my lungs. Laughter is good for the soul. A merry heart doeth good like medicine. Great medicine! Thanks and may God continue to bless you!

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