Welcome to my latest blog. This site is inspired by an interest I have had for many years in using humor to convey truth.  I am especially motivated to start the blog at this time by some material I have recently enjoyed reading on the TBNN blog.

I expect to post regularly, but unlike our main site Daily Encouragement Net, which is published each weekday, with no specific frequency.

Stephen C. Weber

Smile: “A joyful heart does good like medicine!”


3 responses to “Introduction

  1. Congratulations on the new, fun blog! I’m looking forward to reading, the scripture above says it all!
    : ) Blessings to you all! Nancy in Ca.

  2. Jimmy Durante would have had room on his nose for the Bible. May be u r to young to remember this comedian

  3. Some may be able to use their noses as a model of the tabernacle with the breathe right strip being the curtain next to the “holey of holeys.”

    This blogs was good medicine for my busy week. Thanks Steve. – Mike

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